Social Networking Explored ~


Mankind is now living and breathing the digital age. We are surrounded by the greatest technology and discovering more. Our future is full of flying cars, discovering life on other planets and of course teleporting where we want. I chose the topic of social networking to be my Year 8 ALJ project because this idea got me interested because I am a citizen of the younger generation and I wanted to explore deeper into the world of social networking online. During this learning journey I hope to learn what triggers us consumers to be tricked to join in this virtual world, the risks we are taking online, debate whether this application should be used or not and will these networks have an impact on our future anytime soon.

Technology is at our fingertips and soon will be our main focus for developing humanity’s future. I am now in a period of adolescence and currently the trends in this generation right now are to be connected with everyone especially using social media. Almost everyone I known either has email, Facebook, Twitter and whatever is somehow connected to internet as a form of communication. I wanted to investigate this purely out of curiosity and interest.

Social Networking is defined to be a grouping of individuals in specific groups like small virtual communities or neighbourhoods. Although social networking is possible in person, especially in universities, work places and high schools it seems to be most popular online. When it comes to online social networking, websites are most often used rather than software. Websites like Facebook and such are known as social sites, these websites function like online communities consisting of individuals. Depending on the website, many users in one of these online communities have the opportunity to share thoughts from politics, religion, opinions or hobbies.

We can virtually do anything on these websites. It is very interesting, they, meaning the social websites have tools which never seem to leave us alone. Once we log off or visit another website, they follow us secretly being disguised as a share button so we constantly have these social links by our side wherever and whenever to share, upload or do anything which makes it that much more addictive. Anyway, this project is a reflection on the learning I am sharing with you, during this journey I hope this will be as interesting for you as it was for me.


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