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Social networking is a labyrinth full of pros, cons and interesting facts along the way. I have gained new knowledge since this project started. Users need to beware of dangers lurking whilst online, but networks can be trusted by networks doing it’s best to protect us and everyone online. Although there are positives and negatives, this application has brought many people together either from using it as another medium of communication to friends and loved or just belonging to a community.  

On this journey, I have quite a few times I was surprised, amazed or gasping as I encountered new facts and knowledge I did not have before. Yeah sure, mostly everyone knows about what’s out there and just carries out through life like they do not have any care in the world although to some, this topic can be very boring and just a bad excuse to research about. To be honest before the few weeks I started researching about this topic I would have said” We already known about online safety and cyber bullying and all that stuff we learnt during class.” Now thinking back, I would say I was ignorant.  With this new knowledge I hope to share it with a new blog. This blog I hope will inform others with my knowledge as use a resource further on.  The social age will definitely keep evolving no matter what and everything will keep changing for better or worse. Hopefully, humans in future will still be as strong as we are now, still communicating face to face and not to be completely relying on technology as the only source of communication.  Our world is beautiful and this learning journey has made me realise this social world has some flaws but as well as benefits, to also be cautious and have common sense. This has definitely let me into a new perspective of the world. Sanguinely, you can see this as well when you read my project

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